Where and How To Grab The Kettlebell Handle

December 14, 2016

As I travel around the country, I find there is a lot of confusion about where to grab the kettlebell handle—in the middle or in the corner? It is understandable that people are confused. After all, kettlebell training is still reasonably new to the broader public and it IS a very unique training tool. I […]

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The Get-Up—The Ultimate Triplanar Exercise

December 7, 2016

When we think of Bruce Lee throwing a kick, Muhammad Ali dodging a punch, or a great wrestler like Dan Gable swiftly shooting in for a double-leg takedown and dumping his opponent on the mat, we can easily imagine strength exerted on multiple planes.  This multi-dimensional strength and stability is achieved through specific strength conditioning. It is the […]

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My “Body” of Work: Part 1

December 2, 2016

Having recently hit my 54th birthday, I can’t help but reflect on what I’ve put my body through and how lucky I was to find the RKC‘s incredible strength and mobility training. The system is truly remarkable. This is a long post, but I strongly feel that many people will benefit from this information. I […]

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Olympic Lifting’s Best Companion

November 16, 2016

Almost everyone knows that kettlebell training will help your progress with barbell exercises. Unfortunately it doesn’t really work the other way around, until you’ve built up monstrous levels of strength. The ballistic nature of the kettlebell swing and the coordination and stability required for a successful heavy kettlebell get-up both feel very different when compared […]

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Programming the TGU

November 9, 2016

“What sets and reps should I use to make progress on my TGU?” This is one of the most common questions about programming kettlebell training. Finding the right scheme of sets and reps is especially challenging because the get-up doesn’t follow the same rules as any other exercise in the gym. Because a single repetition […]

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Do You Even Stretch, Bro?

November 2, 2016

We all tend to have a set routine that we use as a warmup for our training. There are articles galore on the RKC Blog about those, even some that I have written. What do you do after you are through with your training session? Many people throw in a few random stretches and are […]

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CrossFit, Kettlebell Training, Kale Salad and Donuts

October 26, 2016

First off, I’d like to admit that I love donuts. It may or may not have been the years of skipping Sunday Boy Scouts to watch The Simpsons with my dad that programmed my subconscious to love donuts but nonetheless, I love donuts. Would I eat them all the time? Only if I wanted to […]

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How to Smooth Out the Kettlebell Snatch

October 12, 2016

At first, the kettlebell snatch exercise can be daunting to learn. However, if you have a solid one-arm swing and are able to keep a kettlebell locked out overhead from a press or a get-up, then the snatch is definitely within your capabilities. One of the most common mistakes that I’ve seen when teaching someone […]

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The Triple Extension Swing

October 5, 2016

For power sport athletes, jump and sprint performance are key factors for enhancing sports performance on the field. The ability to generate power has a significant effect on the athlete’s ability to perform in their respective sport (Komi, 2008). Besides mobility, and strength and conditioning work, an athletic training program should also include specific exercises […]

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The Barbell Strength RKC Prep Program

September 28, 2016

Much has been written about the synergy of kettlebells and barbells. They complement each other’s “blind spots” extremely well. Training properly with either will make you better at both. The RKC is the world’s premier kettlebell certification, and I can tell you first-hand that the skills I learned at the RKC have made me a […]

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