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 Being a gootphillipsd student, teacher and athlete has always been a priority. This is why I choose to remain the student and the teacher in all aspects of life. Other than being a teacher of math and philosophy for the past 13 years, I am also a writer, gym owner, as well as a proud father and husband. I continue to challenge myself physically by competing in various sports and strength events including The Tactical Strength Challenge, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. From a young age I have taken a keen interest in health, fitness and personal growth. The goal was, and continues to be, mind/body performance optimization.

It has taken years of small successes and big mistakes to get where I am today and I’m certainly not done learning. As owner of Fit for Life PT, in Marlboro NJ, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world.

Over time, I’ve earned their respect and admiration by not only talking the talk, but by walking the walk. “UTC” is the culmination of what I have learned in health, strength, behavior and philosophy.



“Professionals are rare in the personal training world. Thomas Phillips is one of them.” – Pavel Tsatsouline, Best-selling and respected author



“Thomas Phillips is someone who walks the walk. Whether on the lifting platform or the presentation stage, Thomas leads by example and always delivers. Thomas Phillips has my full confidence.” – Jack Reape, Elite Powerlifter



“One of the many reasons why Thomas Phillips is a great trainer is the fact that he is a great student, with contagious enthusiasm and competitive drive. Tom gets even more excited about getting results from his clients.” – Mike Mahler, Strength Coach, Senior RKC, Author of “The Kettlebell Solution for Size and Strength.”



“There’s a reason why Thomas Phillips is a successful trainer. His clients get the results they want!” – Steve Cotter, SRKC for Pavel Tsatsouline & Kung Fu World Champion



“Thomas is one of the top quality trainers available today. He is driven to accomplish his client’s goals and motivates others to achieve their highest potential.” – Brett Jones, CSCS is pound for pound one of the strongest men in the nation.



“Where doctors, therapist, and trainers have such a poor grasp of what it is truly important and effective in rehabbing and training individuals, those that “get it” are few and far between. Thomas “gets it,” and the results he achieves with his clients clearly demonstrate this.” – Charlie Weingroff, former strength & conditioning coach for NBA Philadelphia 76ers



“Thomas Phillips is an inspiration. He strives to set the example of a healthy lifestyle for his clients, his friends, his trainers, and other professionals in the arena.” – Zach Even, Author,


tphillips_highschoolIn high school I earned 10 varsity letters in 3 different sports. I was the number 1 runner on a cross-country team that won 3 central jersey championships. I played basketball literally every single day of the year and was starting point guard on the varsity basketball team as a sophomore. My best friend was a division 1 baseball player. We spent 10 years together in various AAU and travel leagues. In my spare time I read bodybuilding magazines, fitness books, watched various sports videos, lifted in the local gyms as well as in the basement of my parent’s home. Fitness and competition was my life in high school.

However, by the time I was 24 years old other demands put me in “survival mode.” By the age of 24 I had 2 young children, worked full time as a teacher, had a part-time job teaching SAT prep classes and was busy earning my Master’s degree. I took turns with my wife in the middle of the night feeding and changing our newborn daughter.  We alternated night shifts caring for the kids while she worked late in a retail job. Money and time was invested in everything other than my own well-being.tphillips_kids

Only 2 years later my body had become weak, fat and unhealthy. I did not have the vitality I used to have. I soon realized my body was not the only thing suffering. I was too tired to play with my kids, too mentally drained to pay proper attention to my wife.

I remember looking in the mirror one morning and seeing what had become of my former athletic physique. Although I was achieving a lot academically and meeting the financial needs of my family as best I could, there was no denying I was not myself. My body had become a stranger to me. I remember thinking “this is not the man my wife married…” I made a firm decision to start paying attention to my health and well-being.

Several years earlier (at the age of 19) I entered the first Body for Life challenge in hopes of winning the Grand Prize: a Lamborghini Diablo!tphillips_bodyforlife

Although I did very well with my transformation, I did not win. I was disappointed, but soon learned that over 50,000 people had entered that competition. Still, I never forgot how hard I worked and how disappointed I felt not being in the driver’s seat of that sports car. Keep in mind; I was only 19 years old at the time… I had a lot to learn about REAL disappointment and perspective. But now, in my mid-twenties, I decided to give the Body for Life challenge another shot.

This time, as a means to an end because I did not expect to win; instead, I used the challenge as a way to keep me focused. Using the knowledge, skills and tools I learned as a young athlete and fitness enthusiast, in only 12 short weeks I completely transformed my physique. I lost 25 pounds of fat and put back the 10 pounds of lean mass I lost from 2 years of neglecting my body. I was thrilled with my results. As I attached my before and after photos to the packet I remember a feeling of disbelief.

In only 12 weeks I was able to create my best physique to date! In December of 2002 I got a call from Body for Life for an interview. A second and third interview quickly followed. A few months later I was given a check for $50,000 and awarded the title of Grand Master Champion. My wife and I used the money to open our gym Fit for Life pt in the
summer of 2003.



In 2008 I started to create a system and philosophy for success that eventually evolved into the Ultimate Transformation Challenge. Since then, more than 300 people have lost over 5,000 pounds of body fat on this system.

The formulas used by the most successful individuals in the UTC are exactly the same formulas I used back in 2002. I’m going to give YOU those formulas in detail throughout the pages of this manual in the form of “SUCCESS KEYS.” I promise, if you master these concepts you will achieve every single attainable goal you set for the rest of your life…


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