RKC Prep: Troubleshooting Snatch Technique

by Keira Newton on March 8, 2013

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If you want to improve your technique with kettlebell snatches, this is a good video to watch. It is imperative to know how to snatch before you start banging them out with a heavy weight for 5 minutes. You want to be sure to be prepared for the RKC before you get there, so study this video to learn some inefficient, and even dangerous things that people commonly do.

About Keira Newton, Master RKC, Level 3 Z-Health, MCT: Keira first picked up a kettlebell in 2005 when her husband challenged her to stop laughing and start swinging. She stuck with the challenge when she realized that she could get an all-in-one workout in a fraction of the time she spent at the gym. Keira was convinced… Read more here.

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  • Incredible! I’ll post it to my blog! Thanks for the tips and for sharing!!

  • Bill

    How do you prevent the kettlebell from banging into your forearm at the top?

  • Jim McTiernan

    Keira – Awesome! That is exactly the kind of detail that I am looking for at this stage of my learning. I am working hard toward the RKC in August. This should really help. Love to see something similar for the TGU, my flexibility is not good.
    Jim McTiernan

  • Jim McTiernan

    Keira – I have a question regarding being prepared for the Snatch test. To be able to handle performing the snatch 100 times, should one be able to perform the swing 100 times in 5 minutes?

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