The Metabolic Punch-Up Workout by Andrea Du Cane, Master RKC

by Andrea Du Cane on January 9, 2013

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A quick and effective workout to burn off the holiday fat and get your heart pumping.

14 kg kettlebell

I don’t know about you, but I never seem to have enough time during the busy holidays to get my regular time in the gym. I’m over committed, and trying to squeeze the most out of my precious workout time.  After the fun is over, I’m left a bit tired, perhaps with an additional pound or two on the scale and playing catch up at work.

To combat this dilemma I came up with this brutal and efficient workout.

Feel free to mix it up as you see fit.

You’ll notice how I start with the ballistics, and end with the grinds during the first few rounds.  Towards the latter part of the workout I switch the drills around and put the grinds first and end with the dynamic lifts. It is significantly harder starting with the explosive lifts, by the time you get to the presses and squats your heart rate is already high and it’s much harder to control your breathing for the slow lifts.

The key is that at no time during the round to you put the kettlebells down. Not until the entire round is over.  The other key ingredient is using double kettlebells throughout the workout.  Double bells means a lot more load per round.  It’s just more bang for your buck!

Double kettlebells are used for entire workout:

Ladies:  18lbs,  10kg, 12kg, or 14kg  (for strong ladies)

Men:      16kg, 20kg, or 24kg (for strong men)

Rest in between rounds just long enough to catch your breath.

It is imperative that you do active rest between sets and grab water as needed.

Once you begin the next round, there is no putting the kettlebells down!

Round One:

10       double swings

8          double cleans

4-5      double presses

4-5      double squats

REPEAT for round Two

Round Three:

8          double cleans

4-5      double presses

4-5      double squats

10       double swings

REPEAT for round Four

Round Five:

4-5      double presses

4-5      double squats

8          double cleans

10       double swings

REPEAT for round Six (you can stop at round five if needed)

Note, this workout sneaks up on you! You may need or want to drop down to lighter bells or drop a rep of each exercise.  Many will just get through rounds 4 or 5.

ALWAYS work at your own HONEST pace. If you are gassed or losing form stop before things go bad.  There is always tomorrow!

Andrea Du Cane is a Master Kettlebell Instructor, CK-FMS, CICS, Primal Move National Instructor RIST, ZHealth certified. She is the Author of The Ageless Body, and The Kettlebell Goddess, The Kettlebell Boomer and Working with Special Populations DVD’s. She has been featured on the TRX-Kettlebell Power DVD, Breaking Muscle website, From Russia With Tough Love book and DVD, Best Body Magazine, and  Oxygen Magazine.
Andrea Du Cane
Master RKC
ZHealth, R.I.S.T.
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  • Right on time. I’m going to go get on it right now. I’ll let you know how it goes!

    • Loved it, short and sweet. I was thinking whether or not to do round 6 after 5. I committed to 6 beforehand though, so I did it and I’m glad I did now. Thanks for the workout!

      • Hi kenny,
        Glad you enjoyed my short but sinister workout. Remember you can make it harder if you like by going up in kettlebell sizes or adding sets.
        Also, it’s very important to remember that the grinds should still be performed with high tension. The grinds are done slow and tight and the
        ballistics hard and explosive. That’s the kicker!

  • Looks evil; therefore, I must do it. 🙂

    • Tracy,
      Let me know how it went. Look at my response to Kenny and remember keep the presses and squats hard style.

  • Looks like a lot of fun Miss Andrea! 🙂

  • Dean Sheltob

    Just did this for 6 rounds with double 16’s-great workout!

  • Thanks, Andrea!

    • One thing that is great about this workout is that it works just as well in a group class setting.
      So for any of you instructors out there, you can easily have students of different levels doing the workout at the same time.
      Not only can the weight be varied, but they can cut the press and squat reps down to 4, with a slight rest between each rep and they
      can take a longer rest between rounds..
      For advanced lifters, go a bit heavier and cut down on the rest between rounds.

  • Dominick

    Holy crap! Did the rounds twice with 30-40 sec break before next round. . Just made it. Good thing I used 2-12k bells. This is a great workout. thx.

    • That’s a great way to do it, go light and double it! :))

  • Did it with 20 kg kb with 20 -25 secs rest between sets and my hands are shaking, the last 8 swings where the hardest cus my grip was killing me, i’ll try with 24kg in a month see how it goes.

    thanks a lot

    • Andrea Du Cane

      That’s the way to go. Next time the 24’s.
      Yes, it is a grip and forearm crusher!
      Great for preparing people for the snatch test.


      • Thanks for the reply! I couldn’t wait a month I gave it a try today and did 5 rounds with 24kg, had to drop to 20 for the last round! After finishing it I felt so powerfull, awesome workout, i have to say it has become one of my all time favorites! thanks a lot! (in the next 2 weeks I’ll finish the 6 rounds with 24)

        • Andrea Du Cane

          What a stud! Mix it up as much as you like.
          Remember it’s harder starting the round with the swings and cleans.
          You have the option of doing all with those first.
          Keep me posted.


  • Dominick

    I changed the workout. I do rounds 1-3 and 5. After each exercise I do 5 burpees & 5 pullups.
    For ex. 10 swings – 5 burpees – 5 pullus / 8 dbl cleans – 5 burpees – 5 pullups, etc. etc.
    What a great full body and functional workout.
    Thanks for your workouts.

  • Andrea Du Cane

    Very nice. It actually makes the workout easier.
    The BW gives you a very nice “active rest”, it gives your muscles, grip and lungs a break, without completely resting.


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