by Steve "Coach Fury" Holiner on August 25, 2016

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We are RKC

I am an RKC.

What does that mean?

To me, the RKC is the gold standard of HardStyle kettlebell education. The RKC is hours, weeks, years, a lifetime of training toward mastering my craft. The RKC is knowing (despite titles) that I will never truly master my craft. At our heart, the RKC is about education, support, community, health and strength.

Did you notice where I placed strength in the description? While intentional, strength’s placement wasn’t meant as a slight or as a dig at its perceived value.

It’s reminder of the all-too-often-forgotten truth:

The strongest person in the room isn’t always the most effective trainer in the room.

You may be the strongest coach in the room and have a double Beast (2 106lb kettlebells) press. That’s awesome. However, a double Beast press alone doesn’t qualify you to train my girlfriend.

Take a moment to reflect on that statement. Social media will try to prove otherwise. When we go beyond marketing, bravado, image and ego; we are left with an educational system.

Steve Holiner Bottom-up kettlebell press

I am not a badass, a tactical operator or an elite athlete. I am a dad, a coach and a teacher. The RKC provides me the ability and knowledge base to do what I love at a high level. Now if you happen to be badass, tactical or elite—cool, the RKC will do the same for you. Great education serves all. Attitude or image do not.

RKC Instructor ManualWhen you register for a three-day RKC Kettlebell Certification, the goal of the RKC leadership team is to ensure that you leave with the skills, proficiency and knowledge of the RKC system—to enhance your ability as an instructor or enthusiast. We also provide the follow through to keep you progressing. Be proud of your accomplishments, but as with any great school, we all need time to study.

In our over fifteen-year existence, the RKC has gone through dramatic changes. In its latest transformation, the RKC has “grown up” from its beat-down roots and become more sophisticated in its approach to producing tough but well-coached, skilled fitness professionals.

That is our strength: to be not just physically strong—but balanced and “healthy-strong” across the board. Strong physical skills combined with strong coaching skills…

RKC Instructor Team KansasRemaining the standard bearer and the innovator, the New RKC created the curriculum that others are now scrambling to adopt and imitate. We continue to lead by example.


With a laser sharp focus on nurturing excellent coaches and informing the enthusiast, the RKC has the best interest of our current and future instructors in mind.

Please reach out to any member of the RKC leadership team to ask questions or assistance. We’re here for you.

The RKC isn’t just about you or me. It’s about all of us.

Together, we can help a lot of people.







Along with creating Die Mighty, Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner is a trainer at Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC, a Master RKC, Kettlebell Instructor, an Original Strength Lead Instructor, and a Master DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Instructor. Through his leadership roles, Fury travels throughout the U.S. and internationally to teach. Fury has also written for Mark Fisher Fitness, the RKC, DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, Bodybuilding.com, Details Magazine and his own site.

He’s also a big Godzilla fan.

Fury is available for online training and is teaching workshops.

You can follow Fury at: coachfury.comFB/coachfuryIG@iamcoachfury/twitter@coachfury

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  • Great stuff Fury!

  • Matt Schifferle

    So great! It was great meeting you this past weekend Fury! You’re an inspiration to the RKC!

    • Thanks Matt! I’m stoked we got to meet.

  • Fantastic article Fury! I agree with Matt, you’re an inspiration for sure!!

    • Wow. Thanks Shari! You kicked butt this weekend with those awesome swings and getups!

  • Agreed all the way, thanks for wording it so well! 🙂 RKC! RKC! RKC! 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks for putting it all together Adrienne!

  • Coach, thank you for writing this. It’s perfect timing! I participated in the RKC in Milwaukee in May with Master Phil. It was awesome! I didn’t pass my snatch test though on that day…

    …and on day 89 after the RKC I got 98 reps. It was a heart breaker.

    I wasn’t the strongest one.

    BUT, I have never been prouder of myself. What you said about strength being important but not most important is totally true. I’ve never played a sport and I’ve only been participating in ANY kind of fitness for 28 months. (I’m still counting in months it’s so new to me… We’re talking sofa to strongman here.)

    Did I “get the paper” in time? No. Is my form 150% better because of what I learned at the RKC? YES! Will I complete the challenge of 100 reps? Yes. I will.

    I’m not a coach. I’m not a professional athlete. I’m just a regular “kid” who likes to learn new stuff a lot! RKC welcomed that.

    This is what never giving up looks like… it looks like RKC!

    • Amazing Karen! You completely get it the RKC just as I’m sure you’ll get those 2 reps.

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