Hitting the Right Snatch Position

by Keira Newton on February 22, 2013

This is Keira from dkb Fitness. Hitting the right snatch position is important for your RKC test. It’s common to make mistakes like jutting your head forward, or not taking your arm far enough back. This can make you fail , or set you up for a potential injury. In order to remedy those and other mistakes, watch the following video to learn my recommendations on how to hit the perfect top position for the snatch. It’s not just about strength – it’s about aligning yourself and hitting the position the correct way. Once you have the correct form, you’ll have half of this part of the test in the bag!

Watch my recommendations here:


knewton stretch 150x150 Contributors


About Keira Newton, Master RKC, Level 3 Z-Health, MCT: Keira first picked up a kettlebell in 2005 when her husband challenged her to stop laughing and start swinging. She stuck with the challenge when she realized that she could get an all-in-one workout in a fraction of the time she spent at the gym. Keira was convinced… Read more here.

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