Fit to Lead: Do you Practice what you Preach?

by Max Shank on December 26, 2012

It’s an unfortunate turn of the fitness industry that we look to internet-only gurus for guidance. These same folks have a modest athleticism at best, and are barely-functioning-overweight at worst.

But man can they make a sweet website and market the heck out of it.

Now I am not one to fault anyone for making a living; I’ve now owned a very successful gym for close to 4 years and travel around the world teaching everything I know about strength and health. I love it. I live it.

What I hate?

  • Empty promises.
  • Unrealistic expectations.
  • Lies.
  • An overwhelming lack of integrity.

When you say (or write) one thing, and do another, it’s fake. We have leaders that people look to for help, who don’t practice any of their own teachings. They have an avatar of themselves that portrays an idyllic fictional character that bears little to no resemblance to their true self.

And these are the “leaders.”

I believe you lead by example—bottom line.

Being a leader should come with great responsibility and scrutiny. Challenge the leaders to not only talk a good game, but to walk it.

Being a leader is a privilege gained through effort, ability, and ambition.

When I look to someone for advice, I look for someone who not only has the quality that I’m looking for specifically (strength, flexibility, etc), but also has all of the desirable qualities that I’m looking for. Why would I take training advice from someone who is an alcoholic chain smoker? Steroid user? Weak? Fat? I don’t care how good their article on “10 minutes to your beach body” was. They are not fit to lead.

If you want to be strong and healthy; look for those who are both. Look for the leaders who lead by example.

I have chosen to lead. Not with flowery words or hyperbole.

I lead by example.

With you, In Strength and Health,


Max Shank, Master RKC

Max Shank is not only an extremely gifted teacher, but one of the most well-rounded and capable athletes in the world. From excelling in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu to performing impressive feats of strength in weightlifting and gymnastics, Max has the ability to do it all–and do it well. Choosing to lead from the front by his own example, he has dedicated his life to Strength and Health.


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